Minxray HF8020
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MinXray HF8020 Veterinary

We are proud to offer MinXray’s full line of portable x-ray systems and accessories. Having worked with veterinary experts for decades, MinXray offers portable x-ray equipment for all equine/large animal, companion, exotic and mixed animal practices. MinXray systems include solutions to everything from individual imaging equipment components to complete veterinary digital radiography systems. Recognized internationally as a trusted source for providing innovative, lightweight and portable imaging solutions. MinXray’s units are easy to use, ultra-durable, and create digital images of superior quality. No matter what digital imaging challenges you face, wherever you need to be, MinXray’s advanced veterinary digital radiography systems are right there with you.

Product Description

MinXray HF8020 Portable X-Ray

Favored by equine practitioners due to its light weight and high output, the HF8020 High Frequency Ultra Light mobile x-ray unit is easy to use, and is compatible with all film or digital imaging modalities.