Belmont BDU Over-The-Patient Series

BDU Traditional OTP Over-the-Patient

BDU Series traditional over-the-patient delivery systems are available in 2 Doctor/Assistant control configurations and in 2 Hygienist’s control configurations. 

 A separate Cuspidor version with telescoping Assistant instruments is also available for operatories that utilize non-chair mounted delivery.

Model BDU-500 Doctor control,
Cuspidor / post mounted utility,
Assistant instruments on telescoping arm

Model BDU-510 Doctor control,
Post mounted utility,
Assistant instruments on telescoping arm

Model BDS-520 Cuspidor / post mounted utility with
Assistant instruments on telescoping arm

Model BDU-600 Hygienist’s control,
Cuspidor / post mounted utility

Model BDU-610 Hygienist’s control,
Post mounted utility

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Product Description

Standard Features:

  • Doctor’s 3 handpiece control (BDU-500 and BDU-510)
  • Hygienist’s 2 handpiece control (BDU-600 and BDU-610)
  • Handpiece exhaust/oil mist collector
  • Individual handpiece water coolant adjustment controls
  • Master Air coolant
  • Handpiece flush switch
  • Master On/Off switch
  • Doctor’s & Hygienist’s control syringes (Model BDU-500, BDU-510, BDU-600 & BDU-610)
  • Balance arm with pneumatic brake
  • Pre-wired system for adding Belmont chair control touchpads & for aftermarket add-on accessory devices
  • Remote and cuspidor mounted cup fill and bowl rinse controls (Models BDU-500 and
  • Assistant syringe, HVE and SE (Models BDU-500, BDU-510 & BDU-520)
  • Hygienist’s models include syringe, HVE & SE on the delivery head
  • Vacuum canister with disposable solids collector screen
  • Air and water quick disconnects
  • City/Bottled water system with water bottle quick disconnect
  • Wet/Dry Foot control
  • Belmont chair adapter
  • Junction Box with floor utilities


  • Single and two position handpiece fiberoptic system kits
  • Additional HVE
  • Straight Light Post for mounting Bel-Halo (AL-901R), Clesta (AL-511T) and ECO-Sys (AL-711M) post mounted lights
  • Unit mounted touchpad
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