AMRAD Medical Advantage DFMT

High Volume Leader

The Advantage DFMT is a world-class system designed for demanding
hospital radiology departments, orthopedic and urgent care clinics
or imaging centers.

  • Increased Through-Put  The crystal-clear digital SID readout allows for fast  and accurate patient positioning.
  • Highest-Capacity Elevating Table  Safely and seamlessly supports patients  weighing up to 650 lbs.
  • Built To Last  A heavy duty, continuous-column tubestand allows for stable floor-mounting.
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Product Description

AmRad DFMT Premier Radiographic System

Digital Floor Mounted Tubestand

  • Easy to read LCD shows SID continuous to table-top and table receptor with discreet SID of 40” and 72” to the wallstand
  • Cross-table views are easily accomplished using the rotational and transverse positioning capabilities
  • 10 ft. floor track allows for off-table and weight bearing exams and is customizable down to 8 ft

Elevating Four-way Float Top Table

  • Flat, four-way, floating top permits easy transfer and positioning of patients
  • Designed for all types of applications, available in 400lb and 650lb patient capacities
  • Four-pedal design allows for easy accessibility to table lock release
  • Collision-protection electronics and fail-safe locks ensure safe operation

Table options include:

  • 35.5” wide table top
  • Four-way lock release handle
  • Non-elevating version available in 400lb and 650lb patient capacities

J1000 Wallstand

  • Center mounting or side mounting of Bucky makes this wallstand flexible for any patient application or installation limitation
  • Ergonomically designed hand control for ease of positioning wall receptor
  • Side-mounted handgrips stabilize patients during PA exams

Wallstand options include:

  • Overhead grip
  • Grid Cabinets in place of bucky

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