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Agfa CR30-X

The Digital Solution for Any Practice

Agfa CR30-XAffordable System!

Every so often a product is created that has appeal to the masses. A new product which has virtually all the features and functions that a consumer is looking for. A product which is priced much lower than you would expect for the quality and benefits it provides.

This one product can perform multiple functions:

  •   Image Acquisition
  •   Image Processing
  •   Image Review and Interpretation
  •   Image Distribution
  •   Image Storage

These CR systems come in variety of medical and veterinary configurations – to best suit your imaging needs. Contact us to learn more about which one would work best for you.

Product Description

The CR 30-X uses Agfa HealthCare’s long-term experience in CR and intelligent image processing to provide image quality without compromise.

It scans at a spatial resolution of 10 pixel/mm before processing the image using MUSICA, Agfa HealthCare’s patented, leading-edge intelligent image processing software. By scanning the phosphor plate at the full width of 43 cm, the CR 30-X combines high quality with high throughput.

Add to this the CR 30-X’s support for all popular cassette formats, including panoramic, and you have reliable, highest-quality image capture.